Wow, I never do use this thing do I?

Didn't post at all in 2012.  Anyone reading anything good?  I'm reading the Night Circus, which is a really fun YA magical/historical novel.  At first I thought it was just an updated Something Wicked but other than the circus, I don't think they have much in common.   


Yay!  I have a bunch of vacation days I need to use up before I lose them, so I'll be taking the day before and the week after Thanksgiving off.  Where should I go?  *Checks bank account* Urm, staycation anyone?  Guess I can always clean the basement....

Mystery Solved

David came home from school earlier this week and told us he had learned about "the man who made us all good."

Me: Who was that?
David: I don't remember his name.
Me: Santa?
David: No.
Me: God?
David: I don't think that was it.
Me: Buddha?
David: Buddha! Ha ha ha! That's a funny name.
[He's seen statues of Buddha before so I have no idea when Buddha became amusing.]
Me (still guessing): Jesus?
David: Jesus? No. Jesus lives on Venus, silly!
Me: Oh, of course. Wait, what?

After some discussion, I learned that David had been studying the Venus Di Milo in school for some reason and thought Jesus and Venus were the same. I never did figure out how he mixed up Jesus and Venus, but with 5 year olds, some things you never figure out.

Today, David told me who the man was: Mafia King. Specifically, Mafia King Jr.

Debbie: You mean Martin Luther King, Jr.?
David: Yes! And it's almost his birthday.

So at least that's cleared up. Now to figure out what "the bad sentence" he mentioned yesterday was all about...
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Done with up!

A few months ago, I commented here that I planned to climb up 94 stories of the John Hancock.

I haven't regularly exercised in years, let alone climbed many stairs, so how I planned to do this was somewhat of a mystery. I started climbing the stairs to my office (8 floors) as often as I could and got back on our extremely under-used treadmill.

I guess it worked - I got up all 94 of those flights today. Not particularly quickly. And somewhat out of breath. But I climbed up there along with all of my teammates (well, one had to sit out because of a broken toe. Ouch).

If you get a chance, please donate to our team (which included the impressively resilient ctrlalttabby). The organization we're supporting, the Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago, works hard to promote healthy lungs and fight lung disease.


Rebecca Saxe has a theory. Her theory is that there is a region of the brain that is involved with moral temperament and this region particularly affects how we judge the actions of others. She describes it in a lot more detail in her TED talk, but one of those details that stayed with me was her experiments on how this sense is developed in children.
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Up up up!

So for some reason, I think that by February 28, 2010, I can get myself in good enough shape to climb up all 94 flights of the John Hancock Building to raise money for respiratory health. This despite the fact that:
1. I have no athletic ability
2. I haven't regularly exercised in quite some time. When did I graduate from high school?
3. I have no athletic ability
4. I just had a baby
5. Have... no... athletic... ability...

But I've been climbing those stairs at work every day. Ok, we don't have 94 flights, but we have a few. And I've at least glanced in the general direction of the treadmill. Wish me luck!

If you want to try it yourself, registration is Monday.
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A baby story

The story of David's birth is quite amusing because I realized I was in labor only after I had started my work day. Rory's story was a bit more simple.

I felt pretty rotten on the previous Sunday, so I thought maybe I was going in to labor then, and Monday wasn't much better. However, by Tuesday, I was feeling much better so then I figured I had food poisoning. By midnight, however, the nastier contractions started again. I downloaded an iPhone app and tracked them for a bit (yup, there's an app for that). They were pretty far apart and irregular, so I went to sleep. I figured any contractions I could sleep through weren't real labor.

The contractions that I felt starting at 2:30 am? I couldn't sleep through. So off to the hospital we went. Aurora was born a few hours later. The end!

She's a good baby. Sleeps a lot. David did, too, but David wouldn't let anyone put him down in his crib. Rory respects our space which makes activities like "eating," "sleeping," "showering," and "blogging" a lot easier (so far).
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Yogi was supposed to lose a little weight because he was a bit on the heavy side. But with the pregnancy and other stuff, we hadn't really noticed how much weight he'd lost until he went for his check-up earlier this year. Too much, it turned out. The vet detected a thyroid problem. He'd been border-line for a while, so that made sense. We started him on some meds.

The meds didn't help him gain weight, however. The other cats had become antsy with the pregnancy and the big ones were picking on Yogi, keeping him from his food bowl. We isolated him to eat, and he began eating really well. But even with the meds and the more calm mealtimes, he wasn't gaining weight. Back to the vet, where they found a tumor, and not one that could be treated. Yesterday, the tumor ruptured. There wasn't more we could do for him, so we said good bye.

He was a good kitty who always wanted a scratch on the chin, an irritating kitty who was the master of the directional purr, not something we wanted to hear at 3 am, a beautiful kitty. He was Cat of the Week when I picked him out at the Humane Society in 1996, when he was 2.

We've had 4 cats for a long time. It's so quiet with just 3.

The vet sent us flowers. David immediately knocked them over. We've talked to David a bit about death, preparing him for Yogi, but he's not quite getting it. He thinks maybe Yogi went off to be married. Rory doesn't get it, either, but she's only 10 days old.
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